Letter to the Editor

Dear Editorial Staff of Skyline View:

The last issue of Skyline View contained a regular comic entry that happened to be about massage therapy. It linked massage with a sexual innuendo, which can potentially damage supporters’ opinions about massage and turn them away from clinic night offered on Thursdays.

From this cartoon, it seems that people see massage therapy as a joke rather than a health modality that can reduce stress, increase circulation, and relieve many types of pain that arise from soft tissue. Honestly, it has offended quite a number of students in this program.

We are aware that in the past and, sadly, now, massage has been associated with more than just facilitating the body to heal, and we are here to take a stand and help people realize it’s not right, whether or not it was unintentional, to joke and make sexual innuendos about a profession program being offered at a college institution. This massage therapy program is very intense: not only do we learn massage techniques, but this program requires us to learn kinesiology, anatomy, pathology, and physiology. All in all, this program is a lot of fun — but it requires dedication and hard work.

We hope this article can shed light on what massage is truly all about – and we would support the paper running an informative article about the program to help correct students’ misconceptions about massage.


Raina Beach, Stephanie Rosignuolo, Marie Vasquez, Melissa Nazzal, Camille Elsherbine, Suyen Clement, Christine Murray, Kari Hugsted, Wenmow Ji, Sarah Harper, Heng Chang, Scott Campit, Uraiwan Torsap, Pat Waiprakhon, Kira Liess, Kenneth Avilez, Terry Bell