Cash App founder killed in San Francisco


Cash App is

Cash App Founder Bob Lee was fatally stabbed at around 2:35 am on Tuesday morning along the 300 block of Main Street. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins has tweeted that no arrests have been made, adding that “we do not tolerate these horrific acts of violence in San Francisco.”

Since the attack, friends of Lee have been posting on social media, calling out how dangerous San Francisco is. MMA fighter and local Jake Shields tweeted “He was in the “good” part of the city and appeared to have been targeted in a random mugging/attack.”

Cash App is a popular payment service used by the younger generation. 39% of Cash App’s users are college-aged (18-29), according to Pew Research Center.

Olivien Pinaroc, a Cash App user, when asked if she trusts the app, told The Skyline View she felt confident using it, she said yes and that it is similar to other payment apps. “Most CEOs… they always have eyes on them… They always, do something that will make someone else mad. Them and the company are two separate things,” regarding trust in the app.

Julius Wijaya, another student at Skyline College, said that he avoids taking his car to downtown after hearing about his friend’s car getting broken into.

Lee is survived by his wife Krista, and their two children.