Skyline reflects on the works of student government, hopeful for changes next year

The student election balloting is happening from April 19 to April 21


Skyline ASSC

Skyline’s ASSC is preparing for the results of the annual student elections on Friday.

As Skyline students cast votes on their online ballots for the next school year’s associated students, students reviewed the current student government’s work, their efforts with the transition to in-person learning and their attempts to revitalize student life.

Political science student Iliana Crisostomo is happy with the student events they host that rebuild the sense of community on the campus.

“I think they’re doing pretty good considering that this is the first semester back,” said Crisostomo, who is in her second semester at Skyline. “So I understand if there’s not a lot of like student involvement because this is like the first semester back and like, I guess the students that were here before the pandemic are gone already.”

Aryanna Mendoza, a first-year engineering student, likes the weekly College Hour because it allows her to be familiar with the existing student clubs and services around the campus.

“I definitely enjoyed the college hours. It’s very fun to see the organizations they have here,” Mendoza said. “If there was no College Hour, I wouldn’t have known any of these organizations.”

Allied health science student Eliana Abude said that this year’s student government is doing “pretty well” with the events they hold at the quadrangle.

“I love the therapy dogs, that was amazing,” Abude said, referring to the Midterm Support series they provided in the last month. “I love that they gave out free goodie bags and had, you know, stress-relieving activities for us so we can have a break from our school stuff.”

A campus-wide email was sent on the morning of Tuesday, April 19 to inform students that the Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) elections for the school year 2022-2023 were opened. The email comes with a personalized link they can access to vote. But despite the fliers posted on the walls, the campaign and promotion of candidates on social media and the campus-wide email, not everyone is aware that a student election is taking place.

Middle college students also have a say in the election period. For political science student Eshal Naeem, she’s looking for student leaders that are “motivated and have intentions of bettering the campus. Similarly, mechanical engineering student Jhelan Lopez seeks someone who could advocate for the student’s voice.

For Crisostomo, she hopes that the future ASSC would have more presence as a student government and student support.

“I think a lot of students didn’t know ASSC unless they went out to look for it,” Crisostomo said.

Students may be able to vote in the student elections from Tuesday, April 19 at 9 a.m. till Thursday, April 21 at 6 p.m.