What students should know about the California Recall

Skyline students have the opportunity to help decide the fate of Governor Gavin Newsom


Zachary Navarra

The official vote by mail ballot for the September 14 Governor’s recall election.

The California Governor’s Recall is a chance for Skyline students to influence the future of Gavin Newsom. The recall will decide who governs in Sacramento next January.

The recall race is fast approaching taking place on September 14. Early voting has already begun and will last until September 13. Mail-in ballots will be accepted –– assuming they are postmarked –– by September 14 and received before September 21.

For students not already registered, they have until election day to register to vote. If students are unsure of their registration status, they can find out here. Students should check where their closest ballot drop box, early voting, and same-day polling locations are.

Earlier this year, The Skyline View reported on the possibility of Governor Newsom being recalled. Newsom’s departure is now far more than just a possibility. Despite the Golden State’s deep blue reputation, the current governor is a coin flip away from losing the governorship. Many attribute this to extremely low turnout.

“A third of the seniors have voted and only 10 percent of youth have voted,” said Kit Durgin, volunteer for San Francisco Peninsula People Power (SFPPP).

The nonpartisan SFPPP is currently working with the Skyline Center for Student Life and the college library to register and inform students of the upcoming election. The three groups have partnered to create a registration booth that can be found on Wednesdays during College Hour.

“This is the fourth year in a row that we are collaborating with SFPPP and LWV to host New Voter registration booths at Skyline college,” said Pia Walawalkar, Associate Professor and Outreach and Equity Librarian.

Previously, registration booths were found in front of The Learning Center in building five. This year the booth will be located in the quad outside building six.

“(Members of the Skyline community) can walk up to the booth and speak to two representatives who come from the SFPPP office,” said Ryan Samn, Student Life assistant for the Department of Student Life. “The representatives are handing out voter guides and voter registration information.”

Representatives from SFPPP will be at Campus throughout September, but are particularly focused on September 8. They will be providing additional information to help inform students about the Governor’s recall election on September 14.

Additionally, students will be able to grab information about the California recall at the Center for Student Life and Leadership office. Information booklets can be found in a glass case outside room 6212 on the second floor of building six. Online resources can be found at the Skyline Library Events and Outreach page or the Canvas Dashboard page.

The message from these groups is clear: no matter who you are or how you politically identify, register and vote.

“Your vote is your voice,” Durgin said. “You use your vote to make your voice heard on what laws should be passed, on how taxes should be spent, and on communities being hurt.”