Rico Medina wins reelection in San Bruno mayor race


Rico Medina re-elected as mayor of San Bruno

In the results of the San Bruno mayoral election, incumbent Rico Medina is projected to clinch reelection for a two-year term, after meeting the necessary votes to defeat city councilwoman Linda Mason.

This was the first even-year mayor election in San Bruno history, prompting the largest voter turnout for the election ever.

After 82.2 percent of the ballots revealed, Medina achieved the projected victory, with 59 percent of the total 10,900 votes. 41 percent of those votes were for Mason, which represents 7,574 votes.

“The city has made a clear decision that I am going to be the mayor for the next two years,” Medina said. “I am blessed to have that honor, and to be able to roll up the sleeves and get us through what we are currently facing.”

Medina was considered a prime frontrunner for reelection because of his overwhelming support from local officials. He received endorsements from five San Mateo County Supervisors, eight current and former city council members from the county, and 11 current and former mayors from surrounding cities.

He also received support from Congresswoman Jackie Speier and California Senator Jerry Hill.

Medina has been a long-time member of the local San Bruno community, starting in the Parks and Recreation Department working with youth activities to joining a city council seat in 2005. He was elected as mayor for a three-year term in 2017.

“I would say that we have gone through challenging times — We are not new to that,” Medina said. “Whether it’s the (2010 pipeline) explosion, the (2018) YouTube shooting, the (2019 Tanforan) mall shooting. We have a city that is resilient, comes together in times of difficulty, and has courage.”

The focus of his 2020 campaign has been built around managing the COVID-19 pandemic in San Bruno, helping local businesses recover from the economic decline, and supporting the education structure.

Although the final tallies of the presidential election were confirmed immediately in California in the evening of Nov. 3, the local election results are not made final until every vote has been counted. At the halfway point — with 50 percent of the votes counted — Medina had a steady lead on Mason at 2,602 votes.

“Everybody loves Rico,” San Bruno resident Lorry Greenberg said. “He’s been in San Bruno forever, he’s a native, and he really cares. On the weekends, he walks around downtown San Bruno and visits with the business owners, and he’s at every function.”

Mason’s loss does not factor into her current work as a city councilwoman, where she will remain until her term expires in November 2022.

Good morning San Bruno! I do not know who started this but I became aware of people placing rosary beads over my signs… Posted by Linda Mason on Wednesday, 4 November 2020

‘Humbled’ does not begin to cover it,” Mason wrote on her Facebook page. “While this race was not meant to be for me, I thank everyone who voted for me and supported my candidacy. For those who did not vote for me, I thank you for voting.”According to sanbruno.ca.gov, the mayor’s role is to manage city council meetings, issue proclamations of recognition, represent the city in certain intergovernmental affairs, and act as the ceremonial head of the city. The mayor has no greater authority than any other city council member.

“If you look on a map, there’s a heart in San Bruno — it’s actually shaped like a heart — so we’re called the city with a heart,” Greenberg said. “And I think Rico is the mayor with a heart.”