Zheng becomes next student president

Meet Dennis Zheng, an international business major and the new ASSC president.

But you probably didn’t need the introduction. Zheng is the current vice president of the Associate Students of Skyline College and is moving up the ranks to be the next president of the ASSC as the only candidate running.

“I feel very passionate about student life here on campus,” Zheng said. “I believe with my previous experience I will be able to contribute more to the ASSC and Skyline College.”

What is his plan?

“I want to fix the problems we face here on Skyline campus, like better food, better events, and better WiFi around campus. I hope to accomplish this all within my term and…..”


“Also assist with the vice president of next year with clubs. Hopefully I can help them get a whole new understanding with working with clubs.”

Over the years, students have complained about the WiFi being poor on campus, and the food not being the greatest.

“I started asking the the school president how we could improve the WiFi,” Zheng said. “Now there are people who are being sent around campus looking for dead spots. Getting better food on campus may be a little harder because of contract issues, but I am working towards improving that.”

But besides from working to improve the campus WiFi and food, he wants to improve the clubs at Skyline. One way in which he plans to do so is by exposing new students to better events.

Zheng feels that his time as vice president has truly helped him grow and prepare himself for the role of president. He said that it gave him experience and exposure to the process in which the school conducts business. One of his previous responsibilities as vice president was serving on the bond oversight committee, examining all bonds that were passed.

In addition to his political experience at Skyline, Dennis has an extensive background in politics reaching back to high school.

“I went to Mills high school,” he said. “I served as the mayor for our youth and government board.”

He was also president for a non-profit organization.

Obviously, Zheng has won the election due to running unopposed and he will continue being the voice of the student body.

“I will try my best to solve any problems students have,” he said. “And lets all hope for a better year.”