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A New Change Awaits

May 19, 2015

This video was created to help give more information on what is planned for the upcoming year at Skyline...

Zheng becomes next student president

Terence Scott, TSV Staff Writer

May 15, 2015

Meet Dennis Zheng, an international business major and the new ASSC president.But you probably didn't need the introduction. Zheng is the current vice president of the Associate Students of Skyline College and is moving up the ranks to be the next president of the ASSC as the only candidate running. "I feel very passionate ...

Editorial: The danger of pharmaceutical drugs in academia

TSV Staff

April 24, 2015

The abuse of psychostimulants has seen an increase in college students seeking to get an edge, particularly with the approach of finals. The culprit at the crux of the problem is Adderall. There is a common misconception that this drug will increase academic results due to its potential to focus concentration. A study conducted...

Veterans remember Vietnam

Veterans remember Vietnam

April 24, 2015

A half-scale replica of The Wall That Heals was brought to the Golden Gate National Cemetery on April...

Homeless maniac a frontrunner in upcoming student government elections

Homeless maniac a frontrunner in upcoming student government elections

April 1, 2015

What’s that smell? Is it trash? A dead whale? No—It’s success. The sweet pungent smell of success. Rappin’...

ASSC aims to increase student success

Glaucia Soutello, Special to the TSV

November 12, 2014

An equity plan to help students succeed in a variety of areas was presented by the dean of counseling Tuesday at the Associated Students of Skyline College meeting. Dr. Angelica Garcia, Skyline's dean of counseling, presented the five goals established by the Student Success and Support Program; and the Student Equity Committee,...

Home away from home

Washington with Mbesa, a child from the Cape Town day care who lit the desire in her to teach abroad.

Lea Naqishbendi, Special to the TSV

October 1, 2014

When Skyline student Latasha Washington, found out she would be going to Cape Town, South Africa to build...

SOCC budget increased by $11,000

Chester Mendoza, TSV Staff Writer

September 11, 2014

$11,000 of funding was added to the SOCC budget this semester in an effort to increase student involvement and prevent a shortfall of funds. The Associated Students of Skyline College receives funding from the $8 student body fee. To help the ASSC run some of their operations, the Skyline Organization Club Council has been...

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