CCSF announces closure report

Michelle Kelly, TSV Staff Writer

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City College of San Francisco announced their closing plans on Oct. 14.

City College calls the closure report their “Contingency Plan” because administration is determined to prevent the school from closing.

“We need to plan and accommodate, but we know it’s not going to close,” said Peter Anning, public relations officer for City College. “‘Closure Report’ has the word close in it and it makes people think we’re closing but we’re not. It is a requirement and we’re following the laws and requirements in this process. We have to prepare, but for something we don’t see happening.”

City College is improving the issues the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) cited them for including lack of stable leadership, financial accountability and a lack of staffing.

The report has agreements with 21 surrounding community colleges, including Skyline, that will allow students to move easily into classes. Students who have completed 75 percent of their degrees at City College will still receive their diploma from City College. The only difference would be that they have to take the remainder of their classes at another school.

As well the report has information regarding the $900 million in real estate assets the San Francisco Community College District (SFCCD) currently owns. SFCCD plans to keep ownership of the buildings they currently have only resorting to leasing the space if need be.

Faculty and staff of City College will be receiving their notice of termination on March 15, 2014 and their last day would coincide with the end of the schoolslast day of accreditation. On Oct. 16 City College announced their newly appointed Chancellor Dr. Arthur Q. Tyler, who was last the deputy chancellor and chief operating officer from the Houston Community College System and has a decade of experience in California Community Colleges prior to that.

“Dr. Tyler you have many people here…to stand behind you as you take on this important responsibility,” said Hydra Mendoza, Mayor Ed Lee’s education advisor, during the Oct. 18 press conference. “Our expectations are high because of the impact of the consequences are great. As Mayor Ed Lee shared with you during your conversation together, he looks forward to working with you not only this year, but years to come.”

Dr. Tyler was the Special Trustee of Compton College during its closure in 2006. Rumors float around that he was brought in to close City College as he did with Compton College, but Anning disputes those rumors.

“He fought for Compton and he’s going to fight for City College,” Anning said. “He is going to do everything possible to keep the school open.”