New service open for transfer students


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A brand-new service debuted this semester at Skyline for students who have gone to a college elsewhere to have a uniform academic history.

The new San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) Transcript Evaluation Service (TES) started operations this fall semester at Skyline and across the SMCCCD. The TES is being implemented to give the district a uniform procedure to check a student’s completed coursework done elsewhere and have a singular academic history.

“The development of this program was requested by the Board of Trustees,” said Alicia Frangos, the Program Service Coordinator and one of the transcript evaluators. “They wanted a uniform procedure for transfer students.”

“This service has been talked about for as long as 15 years ago. And it just launched this semester,” said Frangos. “Before, a student’s history only showed their units. Now it shows the classes that they took and it helps because, for example we see how those courses apply to be able to transfer.”

The Transcript Evaluation Service gives eligible students the ability to check where their completed coursework stands in the SMCCCD academic requirements. Students can request for an evaluation online.

“Correct. They can find out if these courses apply here. For example, towards earning an Associate’s Degree,” said Frangos when asked if this procedure can help expedite towards a student’s academic goal.

“Would I use this service? Yes, absolutely” said Tim Kelly, a student at Skyline.

The trend of students who have finished work at another school and then transfer to any of the SMCCCD schools has gone upwards.

“It has trended upwards,” said Michael Vargas, the Programs Service Coordinator and the other transcript evaluator. “Some of the reasons are because of the economy. Going to a community college is affordable to them and a lot of older people who have come back to school and have completed work earlier.”

The service is still in its infancy, but it already has a number of requests.

“We have over 40 in the last 3 weeks,” said Vargas, “and the evaluation is done between me and Alicia. After the procedure is done, the student will get an email with their results.”

“Both the students and their counselors will see the results,” said Frangos, “they can then formulate their academic program. Counselors are encouraged to recommend this to students and to take advantage of it.”

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