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Private pleasures may set you up for failure in the real world

Pornographic films can set high standards for both men and women.

May 6, 2016

There are a thousand ways for the young and inexperienced to explore sex and sexuality in healthy and...

Social media has become an easy outlet for adolescents to post media at the touch of a button, but its content can be taken too far at times.

Online viewers prefer violence to sexuality

April 24, 2016

Social media has become an outlet for individuals to live stream their thoughts and feelings, conveniently...

Social media creates room for women of all sizes to constantly monitor body weight and dimensions.

Media affects how women view their body image

April 8, 2016

What is shown in the media impacts the way women view themselves. In social media, what do you see?...

The Secrets of the Birds & Bees: Help is not always easy to ask for

TSV Staff

March 16, 2016

The Department of Justice defines domestic violence as a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner. This definition is broad enough to encapsulate a number of horrifying “abusive behaviors.” These include physical, verbal,...

Sex education participation should be mandatory for adolescents

Sex education participation should be mandatory for adolescents

March 2, 2016

Sex education should be mandatory for all students to take, whether or not their parents approve. It’s...

Contraceptives: the choice is yours

Contraceptives: the choice is yours

February 19, 2016

Many women are nervous about the idea of contraceptives. Luckily, health professionals have your best...

Being single and awesome: The key to spending Valentine's Day single

Being single and awesome: The key to spending Valentine’s Day single

February 4, 2016

With Valentine's day coming up, more and more people are posting photos of their dates and how perfect...

New isn't always better

New isn’t always better

December 3, 2015

Most living things need certain elements to survive: food, water and oxygen. Relationships are no different....

Dating apps: use it or lose it

TSV Staff

November 18, 2015

Swipe left. Swipe left. Swipe right. It's a match! This is the new way people are finding their significant other, or their next hook-up. Online dating through dating apps are great new tools people are using to find the connection they want from one another. Don't believe the negative stigma behind dating apps though, they're...

Breaking up over text means you're a coward

Breaking up over text means you’re a coward

November 11, 2015

It's a harsh statement to call someone a coward. There's a lot of history within the word, as it has...

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