Breaking up over text means you’re a coward

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It’s a harsh statement to call someone a coward. There’s a lot of history within the word, as it has been in use since the 13th century. The insult was coined to describe soldiers who run away from battle or surrender in the face of the enemy.

Since then, the word’s definition has stretched further to describe just about anyone who is afraid of anything. My own definitive meaning of the word is someone who does not try hard enough. One example would be those who hide behind their phone when starting or ending “romantic” relationships.

Now it’s easy to understand why someone ending a relationship through their phone would be a coward. If people want to end a relationship, they need to be fair to the other person by being upfront about how they honestly feel. This is a conversation that must be face-to-face. If someone is doing something as serious as ending a relationship over an emotionless bubble of text, they are not trying hard enough.

A break up needs to be a synchronized conversation. For this to happen, each person needs to say what he or she feels on the spot. People use text to break up so that they can think before they speak and that way they can get off easy. But the other person will not feel that way. A person being dumped deserves to say what he or she feels at that exact moment.

There’s no excuse for two people in the same city to text and end their relationship. Also, why would you want to do this to someone you probably spent a considerable amount of time with?

This shatters their perception of everything you were great for in their eyes.

As for people who try to start relationships through a text message, that’s pathetic. Honestly, you make me cringe and you most likely make the person you want cringe even more. You’re dropping a bombshell onto that person, you don’t know what they’re doing when you text him or her. Maybe that person is at his or her grandmother’s funeral, but of course a decent human being would have his or her phone turned off. Even afterwards that message could be a lot to take in.

Plus the chances of your wanted outcome could drop significantly. That person will come up with at least five reasons not to be with you during the two minutes they use to reply back to your text.

Just do yourself a favor and do not confess your love for someone over text and do not dump someone over text. Why do moments like this have to be ruined with our phones? People should stop acting like cowards and just be human. It’s okay to reject or get rejected. At least you would have some dignity.

Being there for that moment is the most that can be done; the conversation will be tough to carry out and rejection will be faced, but it’s just something that needs to be done. In the long run, it will be better and you will learn a thing or two.