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Architect arrested in murder case

Fionnola C. Villamejor

January 31, 2005

Maurice Nasmeh, an architect who worked on the construction project at Skyline College, was arrested on Dec. 16, and charged with felony murder.Nasmeh, 40, of San Jose, worked on Skyline's campus as principal architect and designer of construction projects during the period in which he was authorities' prime suspect in the di...



January 30, 2005

Skyline is back in session and students on campus are struggling to skillfully maneuver through the ...

Dr. Victoria Morrow ‘a good fit’ as Skyline’s new President

Victoria Morrow ()

Neill Herbert

January 30, 2005

No doubt about it, Victoria Morrow loves her new job."It's fun," said Skyline's new college president. A...

Letters To The Editor

January 30, 2005

Regarding Michael Menaster's piece in the Dec. 6 issue concerning campus security, Skyline College is a safe campus. It is in the top five colleges in the Bay Area in terms of safety, according to the National Crime Statistics. We are committed to preserving this excellent record.  Here is a review of campus security services: At least one...

Film fest promotes tolerance

Vikki Nguyen

January 30, 2005

Skyline College will be hosting a film festival on Wednesday, Feb. 9 featuring the films "Discovering Dominga" and "Daughter From Danang". The films will be shown in the main theater at Skyline at 1:30 p.m., however, audience members are allowed to come in for specific portions of the film if they wish. Admission is free.T...

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Skyline College

Gina Murray

January 30, 2005

College students everywhere, not just at Skyline, want to succeed. Not many students go to college with the goal to fail all classes they take. Skyline College's teachers want their students to succeed, and they were more than happy to lend some advice and tips on succeeding at Skyline College: "Don't piss off Ms. Deamer. -...


Tag You’re It

January 30, 2005

What is your declared major/minor?I am majoring in broadcasting and getting an AA in university studies.W...

Coasting from coast to coast

Jenn Livesey

January 30, 2005

When Monica Jackson was a little girl, she never imagined herself traveling the world because she loved roller coasters, in fact she imagined herself married with kids by the age of 26. However, what many people dream of when they are kids often turns out much differently when they become adults.Jackson is a student at Skylin...

I’m Mentioning

Frank Romero

January 30, 2005

Welcome back to Skyline College everybody. I trust you all are well, and let's face it, if you're not, I probably don't care anyway. Since this is our first issue after the break and the general feeling around the office is something along the lines of, "Nobody reads us anyway," I'm not going to go into an introduction of an...

Reflections during disaster in South Asia

Julie Hansen

January 30, 2005

Editor's note - Julie Hansen is a professor of music at Skyline. She has traveled to Thailand over 30 times during the last two decades.I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 29 and later went to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The earthquake had just happened and news of tsunami damage came over TV and newspapers.The government leade...

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