The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Skyline College

College students everywhere, not just at Skyline, want to succeed. Not many students go to college with the goal to fail all classes they take. Skyline College’s teachers want their students to succeed, and they were more than happy to lend some advice and tips on succeeding at Skyline College:

“Don’t piss off Ms. Deamer. – Prof. Deemer” (Math)

“Study in groups.” – Garry Nicol (English)

“Just ask and reach out. Skyline does love students. We want students to succeed.” – Jeff Westfall (English)

“Have tenacity. Follow through on all work and don’t just drop the class if you fall behind.” – Sandra Hsu (Biology)

“It’s important to keep up with your work and not procrastinate.” – Kathleen Feinblum (English)

“Classes take time, and you need to budget your time. Don’t fall behind or get overcommitted.” – Donna Bestock (Philosophy)

“Go to class, be responsible. You are adults now; this is not high school, no one is pushing you to go to class.” – Coach Dino Nomicos (Baseball)

“Show up on time. Be prepared and come to class with your homework done. Time management is key.” – Zarubin (English)

“No matter what you came to college for, everything calls for academic excellence and giving up partying and sleeping.” – Prof. Deamer

“Go to my web page, I have many tips on succeeding at Skyline College.” – Jeff Westfall

“Proofread and rewrite and take advantage of all the resources here.” – Donna Bestock

Skyline College has many resources and advantages to help students succeed. Gaining simple time management skills and preparing for all that may come can help any college student. Take advantage of the resources here, such as the library, the learning center, the transfer opportunity center and many of the other resources.