The Importance of Establishing a Nighttime Routine

It can be hard to establish a nighttime routine such as showering, brushing our teeth and washing our face as college students. We often have homework assignments, readings and many of us work on top of taking classes, so it can be hard to establish a regular nighttime routine because students tend to fall asleep after studying all night. It is important to establish a night routine because it is not hygienic to not brush our teeth, shower and wash our face every night.

Every student is different and have different ways of getting motivated. Me personally, after it gets really late in the night I will be too tired to get up to go to the restroom to do my night routine. I will procrastinate by watching YouTube videos eventually falling asleep in my clothes. Something I have started is forcing myself to shower before I get too tired. When I shower I wash my face with my foam cleanser in the shower. I also bring my toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss so I brush my teeth right after I shower because I know I will procrastinate if I go back to bed and continue watching YouTube videos.

According to the National Sleep Foundation having a “healthy sleep habit” leads to a healthier and happier life. They list different things such as “practicing a bedtime ritual” as different tips to help improve one’s quality of sleep.

Many students will argue that they are too tired or they don’t care that they are falling asleep in their clothes. Other students find having a night routine such as removing their makeup, washing their hair and putting on fresh pajamas relaxing. Personally for me, I like going to bed in clean pajamas, freshly showered with a clean face and brushed teeth because it makes me feel like I am taking care of my body.

Even with a lot of assignments due within a short time frame and with a full day of classes students can take one hour of their day to do their night routine. It’s best to do it before they are tired and falling asleep so they have the energy to walk to the bathroom. That way they can fall asleep with clean teeth, which means less cavities and smelling clean in the morning.