Season Premier Checklist




The season premiere of House was arguably the most dynamic episode thus far in the series. A rollercoaster ride of emotion, the premier starts with House in a psychiatric ward and by the end of the episode, he leaves the institution a vastly different character. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this season plays out now that House isn’t addicted to painkillers. –Marc Arguello

The Office:

Last season Pam and Jim found out they were having a baby. In the premiere of NBC’s hit comedy, The Office, the rest of the crew finds out about Jim and Pam’s baby because of office gossip. When Michael spreads a rumor around the office that Stanley is having an affair, he too quickly learns that it’s not just a rumor. In response he makes up wild rumors about everyone, including that Pam is pregnant. You can guess where it goes from there. In any case, the Office returns as good, if not better, then when it ended last season. If the premiere is any indication, expect this season to be one of the best yet. –Joe Fogel

Grey’s Anatomy:

If you haven’t seen the latest season 6 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy; you need to.Season six is looking to be one of the most drama-filled and action-packed Grey’s seasons since Meredith had her little series of death scares. I don’t think that Grey’s has ever had a season where not only one protagonist died/left, but that multiple characters were put on the chopping block before (due to budget cuts and Seattle Grace’s merging with Mercy West) before, has it? Anyways, this was not your normal morbid episode of Grey’s. The one difference, although this episode was supposed to take over a month to take place over, was that this season premiere left us with some closure. All of the protagonists eventually faced reality in this episode. And, testy and guarded “ceviche” got to walk and trust people again. That was a miracle in and of itself. All in all this was a great season premiere and I cannot wait to program my TiVo for Thursday’s at 9 again. Yay!

–Alyssa Capili


As far as I’m concerned, Dexter is one of the best dramas on television; and the series continues to impress with by far the best season premiere of the series. Surprisingly, this season picks up eight month after last season’s finale. Completely skipping over the birth of Dexter’s son, we immediately get to see the affect his newfound family life has on his life as a serial killer. Added to that is the appearance of the “Trinity Killer”, played by John Lithgow. Even with the small amount of screen time he had in this episode, his character is bound to be the most twisted villain the show has ever had. As a whole, the series has done a fantastic job with building tension and keeping the suspense going. With this season, the added distractions Dexter faces could lead to some incredible television. I look forward to seeing how things turn out for America’s favorite serial killer.

–Alessandro Filari

Law and Order:

The first episode of Law & orders 20th season dealt with the issue of torture and how the American government permitted such acts during the war on terror. This shows how the producers of the show can take something as old as the Abu Ghraib scandal and construct it to a masterful episode for its two decade anniversary. Case in point: a shooting of a dope dealer in a parking lot leads to the District attorney of New York City pressing charges against the former bush administration. This was a truly emotional rollercoaster of a season premiere, leaving many questions asked and answers to be given. One of the big bomb shells during this episode was Lieutenant Van Buren announcing she was diagnosed with cancer and would be “in and out” of the precinct. And from the legal point of view we saw an emotional side of D.A. Jack McCoy that hasn’t been seen in awhile its unknown weather the actions of McCoy will result in him loosing his position as District attorney or if the cancer of Van Buren will cause her to give up her job. All I know is that it’ll be tuning in next week to see the backlash of this monumental first episode back.

–JJ Valdez