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In this final installment of Hella Sick!, we take a look at one of the most highlighted accessories we have covered over the past year. It is of course, none other than our most beloved, the shoe. Having the proper kicks can make or break your fit for the day, and finding the right pair should give you that ecstatic feeling you know all too well.

This package will certainly strike the deep level of excitement in all X-Men fans, with the classic Nike Dunk prominently featuring the highlights we all are familiar with. His original outfit is a welcome return, as moviegoers were disappointed in the movie series. Claw marks are stripped against a black background on both sides of the shoe, where the back features the traditional black and yellow markings of Wolverine’s suit.

The special edition is only released in a high-top version, as well as a single, colorful (and awfully loud) color way.

In the same X-Men pack is a set of Air Max 95’s inspired by Sabertooth himself. The red, black and burgundy hues dash across the side like stripes, with a white sole and tongue. Both pairs are initially available only through LTD, but local sneaker shops may have a couple if they’ve got the hook.

And so ends the reign of Hella Sick! Keep it flashy, keep it different. Remember, failing at originality is always better than succeeding in imitation.