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There is dissent among the staff members at The Skyline View. The track of discussion? Skyline’s new Chief of Public Safety, Officer Brian Tupper.

We at the Skyline View feel that when you look at the district level, these changes are definitely for the best. Standard rules and procedures as well as additional training can only mean good things for the students. And most students may not even notice the difference in staff.

However, many of us at the Skyline View feel that while the changes made at the district level can be transparent without issue, the fact that Skyline got a new Chief of Public Safety is a change that should be announced.

Those of us who agree with this feel that this degree of change – promoting someone new to the head of a school’s department – is something the students should know about, especially if it’s a department like security.

That is not to say, however, that we have anything against Officer Tupper personally – in fact, several of us have spoken with him, and we agree that he’s a genuinely likeable person who is definitely committed to his job.

We simply feel that if someone in such a prominent position is replaced, the students should know.

This, however, is where there are those of us that disagree. Some of us feel that the change had every right to be transparent, and that the students who would care would find out for themselves, and nobody else is probably going to care anyway. There are also those that feel that the change was, in fact, announced as well as it could have without being ludicrous.

After all, anyone following the events at the district level, or who reads Skyline Shines, would have known about the change. Aside from putting fliers up around campus, there wasn’t much more they could have done.

No matter how we feel about the way the change was handled, we can all agree that it’s shaping up to be a good thing. Those of us returning in the fall semester are looking forward to see how things are going to start shaping up.