The View From Here

We’re coming up on both a time of endings and a time of new beginnings. With only one week left in the semester (hang in there!), you can bet everyone still trapped in classrooms are dreaming of summer.

But that sweet, sweet release isn’t here yet. So bunker down, grit your teeth, and get through it, because finals are coming up – and all it takes is that one bombed test to ruin your GPA forever.

But enough with the negative stuff. We’ve all probably got more than enough to worry about, right?

Instead, let’s take a look at the new beginnings.

Our long-time Chief of Public Safety, Officer Mike Celeste, has moved up to the district level as the Director of Public Safety, thanks to a consolidation of the Public Safety departments on each campus.

Also, counselor Daryan Chan is apparently being replaced by a new full-time counselor as soon as next week.

Both of these are going to be reported on in full in our next print issue of the paper.

Speaking of, our next print issue is the last issue of the semester. I plan on saying something much more profound then.

For now, I’ll just say that it’s going to be an interesting challenge to create a paper that is not only up to the par we’ve set for ourselves, but can remain relevant for the months it’s going to be sitting out on the stands for you all to digest.

With any luck, we’ll pull it off. We have a good lineup of stories going already, and if there’s a community college newspaper staff that can pull it off, I’d put my money on this one.