ASSC Student Elections Disorganized

The student elections forum that was to take place in the cafeteria today at noon was canceled again.

An empty podium stood in the cafeteria, no one stepped up to motivate students to vote in the upcoming elections.

The purpose of the forum was to give candidates a chance to inform the Skyline students they are running for office within the ASSC and why students should vote for them.

The ASSC is an important and active part of our campus. They are comprised of student elected officers who represent all Skyline students. They plan campus activities, supervise the ASSC budget, participate in college committees, make student policies and they run Skyline clubs and organizations.

Voting is to take place from May 18- 22 online, and Skyline students have no idea who is running or why they should vote for them.

“I’m kind of annoyed,” Dominic Tse said. “I still want to hear both sides. Without a debate, you know, how am I going to vote properly?”

The ASSC complains that not enough students get involved in the elections, but without a public forum how are students going to care?

The forum isn’t a mandatory part of running for ASSC but it is going to be mandatory in future elections, ASSC Vice President Brittany Piccolotti said. Elbow deep in paperwork from the elections, Piccolotti was unable to be interviewed.

The forum was re-scheduled a week in advance, and still no one showed up. Is this irresponsible or just a result of inconvenience?

Two ASSC members were present at the forum, standing awkwardly at the podium, then left without speaking to students.

“The forum was rescheduled to this week and people had trouble changing their schedules again,” ASSC Secretary Jacqueline Solórzano said. “The forum is not mandatory, but it would be helpful. I have no idea why it’s not.”

“Unfortunately, it’s all last minute,” ASSC Commissioner of Publicity Yarmileth Verdin said. “We’re putting up our posters today because we didn’t have the clearance from our advisor before.”

Most students had no idea the forum was even happening, and without the forum, they have no idea who to vote for.

“I had no idea about the elections,” Andrei Cruz said. “If they had spoken today then yeah I would care, I would vote.”

Posters about the candidates should be distributed around campus, according to members of the ASSC, starting May 18- 22 all students can vote on the website,