Cementing his legacy as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao ended the reign of Ricky Hatton and took home The Ring Magazine’s Welterweight Championship this past weekend at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In a fight widely promoted as The Battle of East and West, boxing’s rising star from the Philippines sent Hatton down to the canvas with devastating blows that had “The Hitman” knocked out twice in the first round. It was mere minutes later in the following round that had Pacquiao throwing a strong left hook that sent Hatton down for good. With eyes rolled back into his head and his body sprawled across the center of the ring, referee Kenny Bayless immediately called off the fight.The win made Pacquiao only the second fighter in history to win a belt in six different weight classes, the only other being Oscar de la Hoya whom Pacquiao also defeated in September of last year. There is much speculation now that the next fighter for the lightning fast Filipino would be Floyd Mayweather Jr., who only hours before the fight announced he was coming out of retirement. The next Pay Per View bout of great importance would be Mayweather fighting Juan Marquez, whom Pacquiao also put down in the past year. Assuming Mayweather wins the bout, the stage becomes set for a truly epic battle of two boxing greats possibly towards the end of this year.

For now, Pacquiao will take time off from his intensive training at the now popular Wildcards Gym in Los Angeles to focus on his blossoming music and acting career back home in the Philippines.

In an interview with CNN Asia, Pacquiao enthusiastically said he also was still looking to expand his political career in his native country.

After the fight, both trainer Freddy Roach and Pacquiao saw an emerging new tactic to his Southpaw fighting style, with “Pac Man” telling of his right hook as his “new technique.”

“The right hook is gonna be dangerous for him,” Pacquiao said.

The weeks leading to the fight were filled with promotional tours and guest appearances, with Pacquiao traveling to Hatton’s home turf, The United Kingdom.

With the match over and Championship belt already on his waist, Pacquiao said in his normally charismatic nature:

“I’m just doing my job.”