How about those bleacher sections!

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As we all know, the 2009 Baseball season is finally here! Walking around the campus, I see that there are many Giants fans (which I love!), and little A’s fan (its ok, maybe next year A’s fans). Since spring training started this past March, I have heard a lot of students talking about upcoming events and series at Giants games. “Battle of the Bay”, “Filipino Heritage Night”, and “Rivalry Series” games against everyone’s favorite team; The Los Angeles Dodgers, are many series and nights that students and staff at Skyline College all look forward to watching. So all these people love to WATCH these series, but how many people actually go to those games?

Myself, I have attended every game last year from “Battle of the Bay”, to all the games vs. the Dodgers, even the games against the New York Yankees, and I must say (even if the Giants got cheated and did not win) they have all been a blast!

The bleachers in particular are the best sections to sit, in my opinion. Sitting in the bleachers section, watching many people get drunk, and then taking advantage of all the drunken non-giants fans by starting arguments with them so much that they get kicked out is really fun for me.

I honestly feel, if you have not been to a Giants game and sat in the bleachers, you are NOT a true Giants fan. Now I know what some of you are thinking; “Why would we want to sit in the bleachers section when we cant even focus on “America’s” favorite sport?” That’s a good question that most likely I will not be able to answer, but let me ask YOU a question. Out of the 2.937 people that attend Giants games, how many of them do you think actually sit in the game and watch the entire game without even thinking about arguing with someone wearing the other team’s jerseys? I can’t even count 5 people on my hand. Believe me people, the bleachers are the way to go.

Bleachers are also not just about the fighting and people getting drunk, but it’s also the main place where people make most of the Homeruns. The bleachers section is where former San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds made homerun numbers 715, 750, and the home run that broke the record, 756. It’s also where in the 2007 all-stars game every player that participated in the homerun derby hit their homeruns. Think I’m bluffing? Wrong. I should I know! Not only was I at the game, but I was also honored there and had the chance to sit on the field during the entire Homerun Derby, so I pretty much saw first hand that all the balls (not including the foul balls) went into the bleachers section.

Oh Skyline, in case you have not noticed, I LOVE sitting in the bleachers section at all Giants games. But don’t get me wrong, I have sat in other sections, like the 1st base ling, and right behind the giants dugouts, but I have to say being a 6’5 man, I was pretty scared sitting there with out my lucky glove. I think that’s maybe why I love the bleachers section better, because I know for a fact that a ball will not hit me in the head with out 50+ people trying to get it before me.

So come to the Giants game, and look in the bleachers section, and most likely you wills see me with my Giants gear on yelling at fans from other teams and being a fool!