Should Skyline have a dance team?


Even though Skyline College has many athletic and academic programs, some might argue that it does not have enough. It has been said that we need a football team as well as a dancing club.

In my opinion, I believe it is a good idea to have a dancing club because it can offer many positive factors to the college. For example, it will promote health, inspire students, provide support, and it will show school pride.

College can be very stressful and even unhealthy, not only for the mind but also for the body. Therefore it is very important to promote good health among the campus.

As college students, it is very easy to just not eat the healthiest food. Many have time issues that push them towards fast food, and this is why exercise is very much needed.

Exercise is a great benefit that a dancing club would offer, because it is something fun and something that most people enjoy doing. A dancing club is an alternate option for those who have trouble following an exercise routine.

A dancing club would inspire students to participate more in school activities and actually enjoy attending school. Some students have a harder time attending school than others, and a club like this would make them want to attend.

Most clubs provide a sense of support; students build leadership as well as friendships. A club is a way to unite people with the same interest and that usually tends to work, because they have the same goal and hobbies.

A club like this will help students stay out of trouble. It will help them keep their mind set in a positive and healthy goal. It provides them a space that will allow them to do what they like to do in a safe environment, but not necessarily a class setting.

And lastly, a dancing club will be great not only for the students but also for the school. It is a great way to represent the college at games or events. Other colleges have a cheerleading squad or a dancing team to support them at their games and at every game, it just shows great spirit. I believe it will just make the school look even better.