Last House on the Left

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To say the original “Last House on The Left” was shocking is an understatement. The premise was that two teenage girls who were looking to score some drugs are captured by ruthless criminals and are subsequently tortured, raped and murdered. After committing the horrible crime the criminals unknowingly seek refuge in the house of one of the murdered girl’s parents. Sucks for the criminals because the parents find out and seek revenge by brutally killing all them. No, this movie is not for children.

Now in the recent remake of the movie the movie goes about the same way. The two girls go looking to get some drugs, captured by the criminals, then raped and murdered. Again, the criminals go to the house of one of the girls where her parents find out about what they did, and then the mayhem begins.

Generally I was pleased with this movie but I did have some problems. The biggest one being that “The Last House on The Left” was something that didn’t need to be remade. It was pretty much a cult flick that only appealed to a small audience and the new version will probably do the same considering the subject matter.

Another negative I had with the movie was the violence that the parents inflicted on the criminals. Not that they didn’t deserve the violence, just that it was given out in unequal measures. For instance when the parents kill Francis they break a wine bottle over his head, put his hand in a dish disposal, than slam the back end of a hammer into his skull. Now, as I’ve said they all deserved to die but Francis didn’t really do anything horribly wrong like rape or murder.

Then on the opposite side there’s Krug, the leader of the gang who did commit acts of rape and murder, gets killed pretty quick with a microwave (a cool gory bit that I won’t spoil). It seems that out of the group Krug gets taken out too quickly for the atrocities he committed.

Now for what I liked about the film: first off, the satisfaction of the bad guys, and girl, getting it in the end. With the horrible things they do to the two girls it gives the viewer a sick sense of joy to see them become the subject of the parent’s revenge.

The ending is like at the end of a hard day of work when you finally get to relax – it was a hard journey to get there, but that final moment is so very satisfying. Another positive thing I enjoyed was that the movie was basically the same as the originally, so instead of the director taking liberties with the script he honored Wes Craven’s original and didn’t make big changes to reach wider audiences.

If you make a decision to go see “The Last House on the Left” I can say you’ll probably either like it or you won’t. There’s not really an average feeling about it. If you want to see a film where no clear lines are drawn between good and evil then go see this film.