Cheerleading at Skyline College?

Why doesn’t Skyline have cheerleaders? CSM has a cheer club. City College has a competitive cheer squad.

Skyline had a cheer club that is currently inactive. Would a cheer squad create atmosphere at games bringing in more spectators and competition between players?

Cheerleading at Skyline would require a large investment. Skyline would need a facility for jumping and tumbling and uniforms, all of which are expensive, according to Joe Morello, Skyline’s athletics dean.

“I think it would be good for the players to have cheerleaders at games, the crowd would participate more,” Dawson Fong, a bio-chemistry student said.

Skyline had a cheer club where students would cheer on their own without school funding, but it was a small group.

“I’ve never been a huge proponent of cheerleading. I want to see female students playing in the games, not cheering,” Morello said. He mentioned that he rarely sees cheerleaders at women games, which isn’t fair.

Morello isn’t so sure that cheerleaders would encourage more spectators and competition at games, especially considering our cold climate. If Skyline had a band and a cheer-squad present at night games where friends and family members came, then more people would show up.

“I think it would be sexy to have cheerleaders but there’s not enough support for it,” Fredrick Fontelar, a biology student, said.

An alternative to a cheer squad could be a competitive dance team at Skyline.

“I would be interested in competitive dance where it’s scored, there’s criteria, and competition is the motivation,” Morello said.

“A competitive dance team would be better than cheerleaders. It would bring a mixture of men and women cheering, more styles. We’ve been planning it,” Victor Diniz, a biology and dance student said.

Skyline doesn’t currently have the studio space or the funds for a competitive dance team.