So over it!

 (Brenda Cancino)

(Brenda Cancino)

For many years, Jordan’s shoes have been a worldwide known phenomenon. They have every shoe size available from toddler to big sizes.

Since the first release, in 1984, a new pair of Jordan shoes has been released in numerical order. Many fans will go to the extent of waiting in line overnight, just to be the first ones to rock the newest shoes.

Since I can remember, I have been collecting Jordan’s. I am a really big fan of those shoes, I have tried to get most of them, and if possible, in different colors.

Unfortunately, like many great things, this shoe phenomenon did not last forever. In my opinion, most of the newer numbered shoes have been less attractive and creative as the older ones. The last attractive shoe I can remember is the XIX’s.

Since then, the creators of Jordan shoes have not been able to get me to buy any of the newest styles. I believe that his main sales are from the so famous “retros”, which are older shoe styles that are being re-introduced.

Even though, Jordan shoes can be very expensive, I do not mind paying, as long as they look they way they have looked previously. These shoes are durable depending on the care, but I want to make sure I am paying for an item I actually like.

I truly dislike the last three styles he came up with, the XX, XXI, and XXII. I think that they have lost that expensive and intriguing trademark that older Jordan’s have. They do not have any meaning, or they are not as creative as before.

For example, one of my favorite pairs is the XI. These shoes are not only great for the eye, but they also have a great legacy behind them. These shoes were worn by Jordan during his 1995-1996 season with the Bulls.

The famous “Space Jam’s” are simple enough, but also flashy. They are made out of Patton leather, which gives the shoe an expensive look, especially, when there is a coordination of colors.

The unique style that most of his shoes have has been lost. For example, the XXI. These shoes are very simple and they do not even look like they are part of the Jordan Empire. They do not have a trademark and I would have never guessed that these shoes were Jordan.

The quality of shoe styles that have been released has decreased exponentially. I believe the creator of Jordan shoes need to get back into the old mind set and continue making the legendary shoe that most of us love and buy.