Health Tips

Many people have the false notion that being healthy is just about having big muscles and a thin waist. Being healthy is about much more than that, consisting of, but not limited to, regular physical activity, a balanced diet, an understanding of your emotions, and consistency. Here are a few starter health tips to help maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Listen to your body – Don’t just eat because you’re bored or you want some flavor. Put food in your stomach only when you need it.

Study, get stronger – Learn about your body, find its limits. When those limits are found, slowly and minutely try to extend those limits.

You are what you eat – There are three general categories of food components used to measure what we eat: fat, carbohydrates, and protein. Fat is stored energy, which is what that blubber on your body is. Carbohydrates are active energy; they act as an instant fuel for the body. Protein helps the body recover and restore energy. It is recommended that a consistent diet should be divided into 10% fat, 60% carbohydrates, and 30% proteins.

Exercise your emotions – Don’t suppress what you feel. Bottling up your emotions could lead to explosive reactions, such as severe depression, anxiety attacks, nervous breakdowns, and many more serious emotional conditions. Know what you can and can’t handle emotionally, then deal with it accordingly.