Pre election editorial


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This coming Tuesday is Election Day, and millions of Americans will be lining up at the polls to vote in a new president and vote on issues that are important to our generation. Who and what you vote for is completely up to you, but we at the Skyline View urge you to vote wisely.

Make sure you know why you’re voting the way you are. If you need to, do your own short personal follow-up on each candidate; make sure you know where each man stands on the issues that are important to this country: abortion, gay marriage, the war in Iraq, etc.

Then make sure you know where you stand on these issues. Voting is our chance as American citizens to voice our opinions, so it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity. Whatever your opinion may be, stay true to it; don’t let anyone else sway the way you vote. It’s your choice, and nobody else’s.

Don’t abuse your voting privileges and vote uninformed. It’s important to have reasons why you’re voting a certain way, as well as reasons why you’re not voting the other way. Please think wisely before you vote.