Men’s wrestling puts the pressure on




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In one of their few home games this season, the Skyline wrestling team came out with a positive mindset and good pressure, but they weren’t able to triumph over Fresno City College on Oct.15 losing 42-9.

According to assistant coach Jeff Silveira, even though Skyline took a loss, they performed very well against the third ranked team in the state, Fresno City College.

“We just need to keep our heads up and not think about this one too much,” Kyle Vance said. “So far in the season, we haven’t been producing too many wins, but its all preparation for the end of the season at regional’s and state.”

Many of the wrestlers are hoping this match will encourage them to want the win more, go harder in practice, drill harder, and have them looking forward to something in upcoming games.

In the beginning of the season, Joe Heffelmire was suffering from an injured knee but as it’s been healing, Heffelmire has been getting a great amount of wins and pins.

“The end of my match was a pin,” Heffelmire said. “This is always a good thing for me because a pin is the biggest difference maker that you can do in a match.”

Skyline was battling hard, but kept the matches clean. Fresno City was stacking up the fouls as Skyline kept their amount of fouls below 10. This year’s team is young, a lot of freshman coming in from high school, but they are practicing hard and giving their all.

“I think we have some of the best cardio in the state,” Vance said. “There’s no one that’s running as much as us, we really push ourselves in practice and in our workouts.”

The team finds time to lift weights anytime they’re free, even after tournaments on weekends. They’re committed to their workouts and working hard to improve themselves not only as individuals, but as a team.

However, the team feels that the support from their students and fellow athletes is lacking. Our wrestlers like any other team need people in the stands cheering them on especially when they’re putting in so much time representing our school.

“I think our team is getting better and better every week,” Heffelmire said “I think we are practicing so much harder then any other team in the state is right now, we run, we drill, and we lift weights constantly. We just don’t believe in stopping.”