Transfer Day comes to Skyline College

Students looking to transfer from Skyline to another college or look for job opportunities are in luck, as a Transfer Day event will be taking place in the cafeteria Wednesday, October 1.

The event takes over a good portion of the cafeteria’s seating area to exhibit potential transfer locations such as four-year universities, job opportunities and even the military. Those institutions participating in the event set up booths and exhibits with various information about what they might have to offer students, and have been known to offer free pens, erasers, and other such things to get their names to show up all over campus and possibly catch more peoples’ eye.

This is a good chance for anyone who thinks they may want to transfer out of Skyline, either soon or in the future to get informed about what opportunities are out there – and the represented institutions certainly seem eager to receive them. The different transfer and job opportunities might just provide exactly what a student is looking for.

Transfer Day will be taking place in the Student Center (building 6) on October 1, from 10am to 1pm.