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Here i am, grabbing my nose, which i do when i am annoyed. ()

Here i am, grabbing my nose, which i do when i am annoyed. ()

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Hallo,I’m Nick Donofrio and I’m the new Editor In Chief of the Skyline View, in case you couldn’t tell by the changed picture. Yes, that person in the picture really is me. It was a joke picture that somehow lasted until now. I think I’ll ramble on the up coming production night!

I’m writing this on Feb. 19, just before we put the paper into production tomorrow. For those of you that don’t know, every other Wednesday we, the staff, stay here in the newsroom all night to put the paper out the next day. Most of the time the approximate 2 weeks beforehand is just enough time to get out something like 8 pages of written words and pictures, but this cycle is going to be a royal pain in my ass.

This time we have not had school on Friday or Monday in observance of President’s day weekend. This means that we, the staff, haven’t seen each other since last Wednesday, when we pretty much were asking for story ideas.

So tomorrow I don’t know what’s going to be in. Culture Corner and this will be in for sure, but aside from that who knows?It will all turn out well, but I have decided to stockpile some stories for the print edition instead of putting them online. That was a mistake, I, of course, realize now. We should have gotten as much stuff online as possible as fast as possible to attempt to cut down on the amount of work that we will have to do tomorrow. Ah well, I’ll get that stuff up for the next cycle.Speaking of which, in case it’s not obvious, we’re trying something new this semester. We’re putting news stories up online as soon as we can get them out! This makes the work much more spread out on all of our stories, and in the end means less last minute work for us. We did it incredibly successfully for our first issue, which surprised me to no end as to how we did it. I hope we can continue this through the semester.

That’s one of my goals for this semester. I have one other major goal though, and that is to bring this paper out to more of the student body. That’s probably every EIC’s goal, but I’m going to go about it in a different way. Once newspaper production gets more in gear, so I have less that I have to do individually on the paper, I hope to meet with every club on campus at least once, just to show everyone we’re here.

I can see some disagreeing with that goal, but if you think that crosses some journalistic ethics line, say it to my face. If you see me in the hall and you have something that you think is interesting feel free to talk me up. I wanna be accessible, it’s not just my paper, it’s yours too.