Marriage: The double edged sword

My opinions about marriage can be fickle at times. The good angel on one of my shoulders tells me that marriage is morally correct. Tells me to save myself, get married early, pop out some babies, stay true and honest, till death due us part. Then the devil on my other shoulder quickly pops out and tells me all that is nonsense. Why spend the rest of my life with only one person when there are millions… no BILLIONS of men out there for me to explore. Why would I want to be married for the rest of my life? And at 22 years old? The angels on my shoulder have gotten me into a lot of trouble over the years and I have come up with my own opinions about marriage, leaving those angels behind this time. I hope reading this article will shed a little light on your own relationship, or even your thought process into a new one. Let’s get this straight, I am no expert on relationships and I have never been married. My opinions are based solely on my analysis of the marriages around me, and my personal experience with relationships. I am currently in a serious relationship with a man, and we have been together for about 2 years, although we do not plan on getting married anytime soon, the thoughts do cross our minds. Not only is the economy so screwed up that getting married could actually save you some money, but so is the dating game. Ladies can I get an AMEN! The economy is eff’d up! Getting married, claiming some kids on your taxes, having a double income, can really probably help out your finances. It has become almost impossible to survive off of one income. With gas prices through the roof, bridge toll is between $4-5, and the price of Oranges increasing; get married split some rent, groceries, utilities. Marriage is looking better already. Like having a roommate…forever! Being a single woman, no matter how old you are, no matter how much you are not looking for anything long term, no matter how independent you are, sucks. I have seen it time and time again. I’ll have a girlfriend that is completely happy being single, completely happy with the booty call, but as the months pass, and as winter approaches that strength disappears. The way I see it, sometimes women are too demanding, myself included. We get so caught up in an image, what we want a husband/boyfriend to do for us, what somebody else’s husband/boyfriend do for them, that we miss the “good men.” When I say we are too demanding, I don’t say that meaning we want and want and want; what I mean is that we are quick to dismiss a man over a small flaw if you have decent man, then make it work out.But back to the dating game, and why I think it will drive you to get married. I go to the clubs often, and every time I leave, I run home to my man and thank god before I go to sleep for him. I am so sick, and so tired, and so sick and so tired, of whack lines, cheesy, greasy, dudes who think they have game. Ladies, can I get an AMEN!! I pride myself on having a sharp tongue and an incredible amount of knowledge of men, I can’t help it, I was raised in a family of playas; my father, grandfather and uncles have trained me well.