Three cheers for Fruity Cheerios!

Fruity Cheerios is the newest flavor to come down the General Mills pike for Cheerios since Frosted Cheerios. ()

Fruity Cheerios is the newest flavor to come down the General Mills pike for Cheerios since Frosted Cheerios. ()


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A wise bird once told me to follow my nose wherever it goes and I did. I was led not to the same old fruity loops, but to a better place… I found Cheerios. Yes, Cheerios, and not the bland dry Cheerios or the ones with honey and nuts, but fruity ones. Following the trend of making food good for kids, General Mills finally decided that it was time to get fruity with these old o’s. The newly multicolored o’s are infused with real fruit juice offering that strange, yet pleasing taste of imaginary fruit (like that of other leading brand’s fruit flavored cereal) but on a healthier scale. With a quarter less sugar than brands like Kellogg’s. Fruity Cheerios also offer the 12 essential vitamins (you know, vitamin A, C, D, zinc, etc.) so you know that they’re not trying to kill you with a sugar overdose.Aside from it being a great substitute from the same all crunchy sugary breakfast stuff, Cheerios are Cheerios, and restrictions do apply. The anticipated taste of grainy oats is present and that familiar oatmeal beige is still there under those colorful hues. Unlike those loved Froot Loops that are big, colorful and crunchy, Fruity Cheerios are small and lopsided. The name also is a tad bit awkward but these fruity o’s are oh so irresistible.With any new cereal, the first bowl is always the most daring. It is either going to be good or it’s bad, and there’s only one way to find out – to pour them into a bowl and eat. I did step one and poured me some Fruity Cheerios into a bowl with milk but then I hesitated. I stared into the bowl for a minute looking at how many of the oddly shaped rings there are. Then…success! I live to tell the tale! It was strange at first, expecting the taste and crunch of Froot Loops and the taste and crunch of regular Cheerios. It was like a culture clash between two opposites and both sides attracted. It had that “tooti frooti” taste and yet it wasn’t so sweet. The milk didn’t get as pink and tasty (as it would with most of the other major brand fruity cereals), but the whole experience was rewarding. They say it’s fruity, I say it’s genius.