#6 in the nation, but last in our hearts

Do you know what it’s like to be an Atlanta Braves player? Well, I’m obviously not one of them, but I’m sure that I have an idea. Imagine winning the National League Eastern Division title for 14 consecutive years, going to the playoffs 16 years in a row, making three trips to the World Series, and winning one of them. Now, imagine that you’re part of this successful organization, yet none of the fans know about your success, let alone care about it. You’re obviously going to be distraught and hope for a larger turnout at games and for a larger fan base.Alright…I’ll cut the metaphorical small talk and get straight to the point. I’m not asking for you to go all the way to Atlanta to support the Braves. I’m asking for you to stay within our city limits and support our very own men’s soccer team. Why do you ask? Well, being that they are affiliated with our school, we should have some school spirit and root for them to begin with. To add even more incentive, our very own men’s soccer team is ranked sixth in the nation. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Not sixth in our division, not sixth in the state…but sixth amongst all junior colleges in the entire nation. If that doesn’t give you any reason to support them, then I don’t know what will. Much like the men’s soccer team, our other sports teams on campus are similarly neglected. For example, the baseball and basketball teams receive comparable amount of success on the field and on the court respectively; however, they receive about the same amount of support as the Men’s Soccer team does–which is usually scarce. I am highlighting the men’s soccer in particular because I feel as though the situations in which they are going through are remnants of the general attitude on this entire campus-you guys just don’t care about our school’s sports teams, regardless of how good they are. I’m sure that those of you who are trying to achieve your goals appreciate all of the appraisal and commendation that you receive from your friends and family for all of your hard work, and feel disdain when it’s not present. Thus, I am stressing this point across. I’m pretty sure that these student-athletes have jobs and go to school full-time just like the vast majority of those who populate this campus. But those of you who are part of recreational teams or used to be, realize all of the time, effort, and dedication that our student-athletes put into their teams. Our student-athletes deserve a little more encouragement than what is currently put out.I’m sure that if you were part of one of the best teams in the entire nation, you’d feel like crap if there were only a handful of people in the stands watching. I understand that we’re all entrenched with our own personal obligations and just trying to disperse from this primordial ooze we refer to as Skyline College, but let’s slow down for a moment and support our fellow friends and classmates for what they’re doing outside of class. You don’t want to be referred to as the West Coast version of the Braves’ fans, do you?