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Normally, when I wake up in the morning, there’s only one thing I think about after I hop out of bed (yes, I literally hop out): “What am I going to wear,” and “Ew, I should take a shower first.” Ok, that’s two things, but they ARE what I think about in the morning. But what I don’t think about is what stupid dress Julia Roberts is going to be wearing, or what color tie George Clooney is going to be styling. Though, I do wonder if they shower.In our modernly modern world, we seem to really enjoy watching our celebrities, and when I say “really enjoy,” I mean tendencies to obsess. Everything on television is about celebrities, and it’s the same thing with advertising. Now I know that celebrities help sell things, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about these stupid shows with celebrity guest judges, or celebrities thinking they can dance or sing. Do you honestly care if Jerry Springer can do the Electric Boogaloo? I sure don’t.And then there are everybody’s “favorite” party girls: Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Ritchie, and Paris Hilton. She’s the worst of them all. She makes a sex tape, claims that she didn’t like it, and she makes more money than she already needs. Oh, and who could forget “The Simple Life”? What kind of show was that!? Paris and Nicole going around the country, doing manual labor? That’s not a show, that’s just idiotic. Then we feel that we need to find out what they’re doing in every nightclub around the world? Couldn’t that kind of manpower go to finding criminals? I mean, if we can find out what Paris Hilton is doing in Milan, why can’t we find Osama?Of course, to the people who watch these kinds of shows and help propel them onto the top-rated slot, these celebrities are more important to the world then…..oh, let’s say EVERYTHING. Scientists are distracted from doing important things, like finding cures for AIDS, to fighting the war against wrinkles. In fact, a few days ago, I saw a commercial for pills that help with hangovers. Hangovers!? Are they really so serious that we need a pill to help stop them!?In this modernly modern world of ours, we have many good things. But high priorities just don’t seem to be one of them.