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"George W. Goat" by Juliet H. Barrera ()


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From a painting of “George W. Goat” to a six pack egg carton of assorted breast, Skyline’s Annual Spring Students Art Show is thought provoking and entertaining.

The immaculate white walls of the Gallery Theater have been playing host to 67 art pieces since April 20 and shall continue to do so until May 17. The show contains a variety of mediums from the many art classes at Skyline.

The urge to touch Tina Schuller’s “Sixties Revival” ceramic and glass beads purse that unbelievable resembles leather, is unwarrantable. An oil painting of a meat house by Juliet H. Barrera titled “Sorry for Any Inconvenience” will definitely incite opinions with the life like sharpness, rich blood-red paint, and poignant title.

Every year an outside juror, who is not connected to Skyline, is hired to choose what pieces will be exhibited. DeWit Cheng, a Painter and Art Writer from San Francisco, was the juror for this year’s gallery. There was no particular theme for the show. Cheng chose the 67 pieces, from the 184 that were submitted, based off of how well each artist displayed their individual voice, according to Donna Bestock, dean of creative arts and social science.

This year’s gallery was coordinated by Arthur Takayama, photography/art professor at Skyline. Bridget Fischer, who has been the gallery coordinator since 1998, is currently out on her sabbatical.

“Every show will be different depending on the juror’s taste,” says Bestock. “It’s a very subjective process. It’s hard but real [for the students] in terms of how the art world works. It’s a good experience for them.”

*gallery hours vary*