Fresh Look gives new face to Skyline

Approved by the college council last Spring, Skyline’s current marketing project known as “Fresh Look” has completed their focus group study and is now in the process of designing a new logo for the school.

The Fresh Look Project is a six phase ongoing process at Skyline. The project is aimed at developing an understanding of the College’s reputation, and therefore, effectively telling the story of Skyline College.

Back in October, 62 Skyline students, who had been recruited from the Skyline campus earlier, discussed many different aspects of Skyline College in seven groups of around eight to 12 students. They discussed programs and services the school offers to Skyline’s general environment. The study’s findings were published by Cathy Hasson, director of planning, research and institutional effectiveness at Skyline. Hasson found the results from the study to be quite helpful.

“The quality of the feedback that we got is outstanding. There were a lot of diverse ideas and opinions in the study,” she said. “It gave us really good insight into what our students are thinking and what they need.”

Sandy Irber, director of development, marketing, and public relations along with Skyline’s president, Victoria Morrow, noted an interesting finding from the study; the primary reason students come to Skyline is for the convenience.

“When they get here there are other things that are magnets,” Morrow said, adding that she was happy that overall, students indicated in the focus group that they find Skyline College to be a welcoming place.

Morrow also said that they have received some good advice from the focus groups, as well as feedback. For example, students indicated that they would like more places designated for student gatherings.

The most recent step in this ongoing process has been the redesigning of Skyline’s logo. The Fresh Look Advisory group is in the very early stages of the process now. The group, which consists of various important stakeholders in the school, met on Jan. 31 with Mission Minded, the company directing them through this process, to look at many different logos. They are looking for a consistent visual image that will match Skyline’s internal mantra, which is “Excellent Education.”

“We want to send visual messages that Skyline College offers a high quality education,” Irber said. “That it’s credible, encouraging and student centered.”

Morrow added that as they get closer to the actual design of the logo, they would love to receive some student input in the process of choosing samples.