New Public Information Officer arrives at Skyline

Skyline’s new public information officer, Shelly Hausman, comes to the school ready to help spread the word about campus events.

Taking Jerry Peel’s place (Peel retired at the end of last semester) Hausman arrives at Skyline with more than 10 years of experience in journalism, public relations and event planning.

Since arriving at Skyline College on Jan. 25, Hausman says she is happy with many things already in place at the school.

“I’m really impressed with how close people are, she said referring to the faculty, staff and students. “[Skyline] really is student centered.”

Hausman moved to Mountain View last November from Cincinnati Ohio. While in Ohio, Hausman worked for nine years as the public information officer for a K-12 school in Mason. Before her job as a public information officer, Hausman worked as a journalist and wrote for a few local publications, including the “Journal News” in Hamilton and “Cincinnati Magazine” in Cincinnati.

Hausman decided to switch from a career in journalism to a career in public relations due to a desire to be part of an organization rather than an observer. She was interested in becoming the public information officer at Mason School because, as a journalist, her job was to cover the school. Hausman really enjoys working as a public information officer because of the unique skill set the job requires from her.

“I’m someone who likes to take pieces of the puzzle and put them together”, she said. “This kind of position is good for that because there is a lot of multi-tasking.”

Hausman said her colleagues have been a big help in her transition to the new school.

“I just really enjoy meeting everybody and learning the job too,” she said.

Sandy Irber, director of development, marketing and public relations is working as Hausman’s supervisor. Irber said she is “thrilled” to have Hausman join the team at Skyline.

“Already, within the department, the working environment is very collegial and smooth,” Irber said, indicating the time since Hausman’s arrival. “I have a great sense of how we’re going to work together in serving the college.”