Skyline Students are becoming more and more apathetic each day! A few weeks ago there was a fight between two girls outside building one. About 10 students witnessed the conflict and just stood there, one young man just took a picture of the event. Apparently for these students, the action and excitement of the fight was more entertaining than the two girls’ safety.

Although security does not want anyone to jump in, they want to be informed as soon as possible. Yet no one called. The fight went on for what seemed like minutes, and the students just stood there watching. They didn’t bother to run to the nearest person to call security. Luckily a teacher was in her office and called security when she noticed the fight. But it was too late. The fight was over and by the time security got there, they were gone.

Have students become so obsessed with finding entertainment that they risk the lives of their fellow students?

Skyline students just don’t care. All they care about is themselves. If the girls started bleeding, we bet more picture-taking and cheering would happen. No one will even make a step to call someone to help.

Students are not only lazy in dealing with security; it’s also in basic school activities. A small numbers of students know about our very own student government: The Associated Students of Skyline College (ASSC) student council. The ASSC receives at least $9 from every student each semester when we pay our tuition. They use this money to fund events for the students which no one goes to. They offer free food sometimes, which does attract students but they don’t even bother to find out what the free food is for. The ASSC is out there doing their best to speak for the students of Skyline. And yet the apathy in students has risen so high they just don’t care about anything.

Let’s face it. Skyline students today care only about their apathetic existence than helping someone else who needs them.