Enrollment at Skyline College on the rise

On Sept. 6, Skyline College released its annual census figures revealing a total of 8,225 Skyline students, a 69 student increase on last year’s figures.

According to Dr. Vikki Morrow, president of Skyline College, Skyline’s enrollment was growing but then the state’s budget got tight and Skyline College was forced to offer fewer sections, causing enrollment to go down. Other aspects that could be attributed to the drop in enrollment include a rise in fees from $18 dollars per unit to $26 per unit as well as complications due to construction, space was tighter and many classes had to move to the Pacific Heights building. Now that the budget has picked up they’ve had the opportunity to add more sections.

“The addition of sections was an attempt to offset [these challenges],” Morrow said.

According to Gerald Peel, Skyline College’s public information officer, Skyline College has undergone many changes to increase enrollment including various forms of advertising as well as the recent offering of short courses.

“We’re going to continue to work towards increasing enrollment.”