Small changes make the iPod nano a big hit

The iPod Nano weighs about one and a half ounces, fits in the palm of your hand, and holds two to four gigabytes of your favorite music. Apple’s new invention may have your technology taste-buds tingling, but is it worth $199 of your hard-earned dollars?

The iPod Mini has dominated the market for light, tiny mp3 players, but the introduction of the Nano seems to have wiped the Mini out of Apple’s lineup of high-tech iPod devices. Apple’s online store still sells the Mini, but you can only find it by specifically searching for it. Upon entering “iPod Mini” in the search engine, you will find eight options for the new Nano and only two for the item you searched for.

The Nano dominates the old Mini in size, style, funk and functionality, combining a flashy color LCD display with new features, updated battery life, and skip protection. The iPod Nano and the iPod Mini cost about the same, but with the Nano you get a much better deal for your cash.

For those who are looking for a tiny alternative to the bulky iPod, the Nano is a worthy piece of technology for the price.