Ways to keep yourself entertained over the summer

The Advice Nerd’s top ten things to do to occupy your time over the summer.

1. Take classes.    Summer courses can give you an advantage when planning to transfer, but they can also be tons of fun when the alternative is sitting around playing video games. 2. Video games.    Although video games destroy the creative center of your brain known as the imagination (in my opinion) they can pass a whole lot of time. 3. Read some books.    The healthy alternative to playing video games, watching television, or any other stupid thing you plan on doing. 4. Take a trip.    Trips are awesome. They cost loads of cash if you want luxury, but if you’re willing to sleep in your car or take the big grey dog, a trip will kill time and make for cool stories when you get home.5. Get a job.    Stimulate the economy! It’s always nifty to have a wad of cash on hand… besides, working in the summer will distract you from the long, boring days of heat and sun.  6. Drink.    Get wasted and forget that you’re wasting your life. 7. Party.     Boogie down and get out of town, or whatever it’s called these days. This one kind of goes hand in hand with number 6 for many of you. 8. Sleep    Catching up on your ‘z’s is a perfect way to waste the summer. Make sure you’ve got a fan or air conditioning or something, though. There’s nothing worse than waking up covered with summer sweat. 9. See a movie.    There’s always some “summer blockbuster” to go watch. The $9.50 might be worth the cool air and squeaky reclining chairs. 10. Play.    There’s a reason people say “play” when they refer to the manipulation of musical instruments. It’s fun to just sit around and screw with a guitar or a keyboard or an accordion. The art of music isn’t always just about “practice, practice, practice.” It’s about having a blast and making awesome music while you’re at it.

-John Harrison

1. Writing on my xanga site about everything above2. Backpacking in Yosemite; sunrise on Half Dome3. Road trip with friends to an unknown destination … Ever heard of Colusa?4. Humanitarian trip to Mexico5. 3 am bicycle rides6. Visiting my grandmother in Truckee, CA.7. Writing8. Mindless hours of video and computer game playing. Ever heard of World of Warcraft?9. Reading10. Slaving away at an unnamed smoothie store that rhymes with La Bamba

-Chris Harrold

1. Relax on a beach: You slaved away all semester don’t go finding things to stress your self out over, during the summer now is the time to let your mind go free and unwind.

2. Pick up and interesting hobby: Learn to juggle, eat fire, play guitar. Something to keep your self occupied, that will also become an awesome talent to have, pick something that you have always wanted to learn how to do and do it.

3. Go camping: There is nothing like going out into the middle of the red wood forest, and communing with nature. This is an awesome thing to do if you feel the need to get away for a while and are on a tight budget.

4. Volunteer someplace: Find something to get your self involved in. That is the sure killer of boredom. Make sure it is something that you will have fun with, also giving make makes you feel awesome and is good for karma points.

5. Write: Writing is a wonderful way to spend your time. Start a summer journal of all the adventures you go one with your friends, jot down your random thoughts and short stories.

6. Get a job: That’s right it might be a glamorous way to spend your summer but it will give you the dollars to fun things in your off time. Also you will have some cash built up for the fall semester.

7. Go on a road trip: There are so many awesome places you can go for so little money. I mean have you ever been to Sebastopol?

8. Hang out with your friends: It may not sound existing but many a thing can happen when you’re hanging out with your best buds who know what you may come up with.

9. Sleep: At lest for a few days, I mean you spent all that time cramming for your finals, your body needs to recover, and seriously sleep is a college students best subject well its mine anyway.

10. Make your own movie: Not as hard as you think, just get a home video camera and some of goof ball friends and come up with an idea and go for it. It a lot of fun and you have a lovely record of the summer, so that you can always remember the time that you got cased by fake zombies through a Colma cemetery.

-Shannon Elliott

1. Wear extremely heavy clothing to stay warm.2. Keep a reserved bathing suit for that one hot, sunny day.3. Stay current on all the big screen features and catch a flick, or ten.4. Take it back to the good ol’ days and ride public transportation; it’ll enlighten your commute.5. Don’t forget our school mascot.6. Take a vacation and go somewhere where there’s sun.7. Get a WOW card from Great America, especially now that they’ve added water rides.8. Eat a lot of food.9. Try different things that you’ve never tried (I mean something like skydiving or surfing.)10. Oh yeah, live, love, and laugh. -Joaquin Ochoa Jr.

Have a rocktastic summer from the staff of The Skyline View!