Suspect arraigned in Mendoza murder case

On May 20, murder suspect Gerry Phongboupha, 22, of San Pablo, will be arraigned in the shooting death of former Skyline student Justin Mendoza.

Phongboupha is charged with the March 21 murder of Mendoza, 21, of Daly City. Phongboupha was arrested April 30, at his home in San Pablo by Richmond and San Francisco police.

Mendoza was shot dead in an early morning shooting outside Club Cocomo in San Francisco’s Bayview District. Police say the suspect shot into a crowd, hitting Mendoza in the chest with a stray bullet while the victim was walking to his car. Five others who were gathered in front of Club Cocomo were also shot. Police say the shooter then fled the scene in a black Range Rover with a Rhino brand grille guard on the front.

Phongboupha was arrested following an investigation that lasted more than five weeks. According to SFPD, he is charged with one count of murder, five counts of attempted murder and one count of illegal possession of a loaded firearm.

Phongboupha is being held on $1 million bail.

The arraignment is scheduled to continue May 20, since no plea was entered during at the last arraignment appearance on May 3.