Archery on target for fun

Jason Jay, one of Skyline´s best shooters, focuses on his target during archery class. (Diana Diroy)

Jason Jay, one of Skyline´s best shooters, focuses on his target during archery class. (Diana Diroy)

Bored of all the same kinds of exercise? Want a new and interesting hobby that’s fun and inexpensive? The perfect remedy to satisfy your boredom is archery.

Here at Skyline there are two archery classes, beginning and intermediate. The two classes meet together, so there are a variety of different levels shooting together. The classes go through different techniques, how to use the equipment, and scoring. There is no competition setup through the class, but students can compete on their own.

Jan Fosberg is the instructor for the classes and she says these classes are a good change to what most people think of about physical education classes.

“Archery offers variety to the physical education program,” Fosberg said. ” It is also inexpensive and a sport you can play all your life.”

Fosberg also says that archery is good for your mental health, because in archery you must focus and concentrate to hit your goal.

In the class the shooters stand out from 20 or 30 yards to shoot the target. A shooter shoots six rounds in an attempt to get the most points. A round is shooting one arrow at the target. There are five colored rings on the target. Starting from the outside ring you get one point, the next ring moving inward is three points, the next is five and so on. The bulls-eye is worth nine points. Fosberg says the average score for a beginner is in the high 20s and a good shooter is in the 40s.

The class does have some good shooters now. Jasn Jay, Gabriel De La Calzalda, and Jonathon Doty are the best shooters for the men. Jennifer Jew and Gina Tierman are good shooters for the women. Jeremy Eruegger is one student Fosberg mentioned in particular, who is a good shooter and still in high school. Eruegger goes to Alma Heights high school in Pacifica, and comes up here to shoot archery.

Archery is good for people with all different disabilities and levels. There was one student of Fosberg’s class that was a bow hunter. He used to go out to the woods, hunt for deer and wild boar and bring home the meat for his family. So the archery classes at Skyline can offer more than just PE units.

The equipment that is recommended for archery is a bow, arrows, safety glasses, a finger tab, an armguard, and a quiver.

There is an archery range in Pacifica that anyone can go to or any student can sign up for an archery class here at Skyline.