Fees Go Up To $18 Per Unit

     Skyline students were not informed of the sharp increase in tuition caused by the huge state budget deficit.
     Fees went from $11 to $18 a unit, a 64 percent increase from last semester. The fee increase was a result of AB 1754, part of the approved budget Gov. Grey Davis signed on August 12. This bill effectively raised unit fees in all community colleges.
     Although the fee increase was anticipated, it did surprise many Skyline students that the district made no attempt to inform them of the unit price hike.
     “It was a little messed up and unexpected,” Skyline student Simon Pong said. “Skyline should have told students when they plan to charge more.”
     Students who register over SMART telephone usually receive their confirmation registration forms 2 weeks before school and another confirmation 3 weeks after classes begin.
     “Students who register online don’t get confirmation registration forms,” said Nathalie Berwick of the cashier’s office. Roughly 80 percent of Skyline students register online.
     The only way Berwick estimated that about 80 percent of students register online leaving only 20 percent to receive any confirmation in the mail that may inform them on the increase of unit fees.