Rocking in Patterns

     Coming from the heart of the East Bay punk scene, The Pattern is a diamond in the rough of the feedback.
     Not quite a noise band, but not what one would call laid back, the Pattern combines elements of boogie, blues, and raw power, resulting in an explosive sound. This combination also results in one of the best live acts around, if not the best live rock and roll band in the Bay area.
     Playing the surprisingly small all-ages club 924 Gilman, in Berkeley, on March 7, the Pattern tore through songs such as “You Or You,” “She’s A Libra,” and “Fragile Awareness” from their recent debut album “Real Feelness,” as well as five new unnamed songs. The new material, though just as ass-kicking as the old, is perhaps a bit more serious in tone, and is very vaguely reminiscent of the Joy Division/Interpol sound.
     I have said it before and I will say it again: The Pattern is the best thing to come from Oakland since Mother’s Cookies. Singer Chris Appelgren did what could be best described as snake charming dances around his microphone stand, grinding against it like there was no tomorrow, and lead guitarist Jason Rosenberg certainly had fun winking at all the fine ladies in the audience. It must be noted, however, that you truly haven’t experienced a Pattern show until you’ve danced your ass off during the show.
     If you like any kind of rock music, you will probably enjoy the Pattern, especially the live shows.