Fill your face at Fuddrucker’s

     Fuddruckers. Sure, the name might sound a little funny when you first look at it or hear it, but you get used to it. Fuddruckers is a great burger place that almost makes you feel as if you have stepped back in time.
     This week, I had the fortunate opportunity of getting to try out this Daly City restaurant for the first time.
     You walk in and right away you are greeted by rockin’ tunes playing overhead on the sound system. Following a little path leads you straight to the registers where you place your order. This was my first experience at a Fuddruckers, and the menu blew me away. I stood there being my indecisive self for a few moments before deciding on a triple cheeseburger – a cheeseburger that consists of three cheeses. I grabbed myself a fountain drink and then went to sit down and wait for the order to come. While I was waiting, I took a look around at the inside of the place. Signs and various flags from different states adorn the walls, and a small assortment of arcade games stand to the side (how appropriately American). Another thing that caught my eye was that every table apparently comes with a roll of paper towels. I raised my eyebrows at this, and when my burger came I discovered why.
     Those burgers were messy, fun, delicious burgers. Lord, being messy with my food was part of the fun! However, I did enjoy licking my fingers a bit more than using the paper towels. The burger was heavenly, and washing it down with a cold Coke was even better. I have to say, one of the highlights of going to Fuddruckers was getting to use the condiment bar, something that I’ve rarely seen at restaurants. Yes, that’s right, a condiment bar. I had so much fun dressing up my burger.
     So, if you’re ever in the mood for a good burger – or just in the Daly City area and craving something yummy – give Fuddruckers a try. I was able to get a one-third pound cheeseburger and soda for around $8.00 – not bad when you’re a starving college student trying to fill your belly without breaking your wallet.
     You can have all this in a fun, friendly, cozy environment ideal for kicking back on a date, bringing your entire group of friends, or even taking out the family.