From six feet beneath the earth to the stage at the Pound Pier 96, Blaze Ya Dead Homie rocked out to a small crowd at his February 25th show.
     This underground hip hop rock performer decided to grace San Francisco with a show on his debut solo tour “1 Less G In Da Hood.” Playing to a crowd of only 70 people, this rapper can sure make his fans heads bob and flow along with his lyrics.
     Performing songs off of both his EP “Blaze Ya Dead Homie” and his newest LP “1 Less G In Da Hood,” Blaze was able to captivate not only his fans but the fans of his opening act Crooked.
     During his set, he brought out his affiliate and friend Lavel, to help perform with him on back up vocal. The crowd was so small that both Blaze and Lavel were able to get close to the fans and make them feel as though they themselves were close friends of both artists. At one point during the set a group of about 3 females jumped up onto stage, singing and dancing right next to Blaze and Lavel, until they were removed by Psychopathic security. Blaze also handed out water bottles to the thirsty fans and bandana’s as a token of his appreciation for them attending the show.
     Overall the show was a hit for Blaze. It was his first solo tour and although he didn’t pull in a huge crowd he still rocked the house. I give the “1 Less G Concert” a two thumbs up.