Classes full; events empty

     Every month events are planned for Skyline College students informing them on current issues in areas of school, society, and politics.
     These events are a great opportunity for students to attend and learn about issues that affect their education and their community. Unfortunately many of these functions are lacking an important factor for their success: an audience.
     The teachers, staff and administration plan and organize seminars, performances (by well know artist), and workshops for students to attend in order to become more well rounded.
     The seminars are intended to inform the student on how they can become aware of issues such as rape, domestic violence, the budget cuts, school safety and so on.
     The performances are intended for students to learn how to step outside of themselves and experience a different culture or learn about a certain art form they never knew existed.
     Finally the workshops are for students who want to better their skills in area’s of academics and allows them to investigate their interest in certain majors.
     It’s understandable that students are unaware of these events, there are no loud speakers at Skyline announcing when a seminar is happening or the next big performance.
     For the most part all this information gets around to other students hear say. As students though, we should make more of an effort to try and get the word around campus as to any event we know is going on.
     Doing so would increase the population at these events and help everyone know the buzz around campus. Too many times we’ve heard people complain that they were not aware of an event taking place.
     It is really important for students to attend these events, they take time to plan and organize, and they really are for our benefit.
     It becomes a real disappointment when no one is attendance. If students do not start showing up to these events then they will no longer take place and we will be missing out on some really great opportunities to learn new and exciting information.
     Students should try to become more aware and be on the lookout for any flyers that might show up on bulletin boards informing people of the next seminar, workshop or performance.
     It would mean a great deal to the organizers if more students showed that they do appreciate their efforts and it would do students a great deal of good by learning more about issues, people and society.