The Clean Air Campaign proposes that both students and staff help enforce the smoking policy at Skyline College.
     The smoking policy clearly states that smoking is prohibited within 15 feet of any building, however many student and faculty smokers ignore the signs around campus trying to enforce the smoking guidelines.
     Currently we are packed into classrooms that are contaminated with cigarette smoke, making it difficult to breathe. Many smokers are not aware of respiratory problems that students and faculty have, therefore they don’t seem to be concerned with the second hand smoke seeping into the buildings causing these people to have difficulties breathing and feel ill.
     We at the Skyline View support the Clean Air Campaign. We feel that it is about time that the smoking policy at Skyline College is enforced and that smokers respect the guidelines by leaving 15 feet of clean air around the buildings.
     With our little college campus it can be difficult to find places to smoke that are not within the 15-foot barrier of the buildings, however we suggest the following:

   1. Make a campaign of your own insisting there be a designated area for smokers.
   2. It’s a new year and you’re never told old to try and quit. Try to take a cessation class to help you lead a new healthy smoke free life.
   3. Cut back on smoking therefore you save money by buying fewer packs and you don’t affect the non-smokers on campus.

     Now, The Skyline View understands that the fog and rain dominate our campus. These weather conditions affect both smokers and non-smokers alike. This makes it difficult for those who smoke to have to sit in the rain when trying to light a cigarette and it makes it near impossible to want to stand in the cold fog to want to smoke.
     With the weather as predictable as it can be at Skyline and as cold as it can be, we understand that smoking in these conditions can be unfair.
     However, is it fair to the non-smokers to have to breath in all those chemicals from second hand smoke? No it really isn’t. People have certain needs and guidelines are made in order for those needs to be met. Skyline has a smoking policy for a reason and its unfair if smokers don’t respect that policy.
     Overall the Clean Air Campaign is a good start to helping those students who are having difficulties in classrooms breathing. It will help Skyline get back to a cleaner environment and possibly help those who smoke cut back.