Fear of Pop


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     Fear of Pop     “In Love” (4:46)     1998     Sounds Like: Ben Folds Five and Frailly Hynes falling in     and out of love with each other while Captain Kirk narrates.
     This is an epic tale of falling in and out of love set to music. William Shatner tells the verses in third-person omniscient. Yes, you heard me right, William “T.J. Hooker” Shatner is telling the story in his wonderful style of, pausing…to let…every…word…resonate. Then to change it up, the chorus is beautifully sung, full of a lush string section, and the tempo kicks up. It is that chorus that makes you want to mosh just because the feeling overcomes you. It’s one of those songs that plays off of your mood. It will cry when you’re sad, celebrate when you are in love, and empower you when you feel audacious.